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Pungnyon Audio,Co Is a professional media production company with many years of professional audio product technology and marketing experience. Nowadays there are a lot of breakthroughs in audio technology, due to the innovation of digital audio. However we cannot rely solely on digital technology. No matter how technologically advanced digital audio may be, audio quality is always determined by the listener. Therefore, digital audio must always be optimized by a skilled professional. Like the farmer who works all year round to get the best crops, we do not spare any effort or attention to our audio products.Just as the farmers who have made the best efforts to createan “abundant harvest”, Pungnyon Audio,Co does its best to achieve an abundance of quality audio products.

풍년소리사는 다년간의 프로 오디오 제품 기술 및 마케팅을경 험으로 설립된 미디어 제작 전문 회사입니다. 그동안 디지털기술의 혁신적인 발달로 오디오의 영역의 장벽이많이 낮아지고 있습니다. 하지만 디지털 오디오 역시 또 하나의 오디오 신호이며, 모든 오디오는 인간의 청 각으로 그 최종적 결과물이 인지됩니다. 아무리 기술이 발전된다 하더라도 인간의 청각에 최적화되는오디오는 인간의 경험과 기술에 의존될 수밖에 없습니다 풍년 소리사는 농부가 1년 내내 준비하고 땀을 흘려야 작황물을얻을 수 있는 벼처럼, 오디오에 대한 모든 부분에 정성과 노력을아끼지 않습니다. 최고의 노력을 다한 농부에 게만 주어지는 결과물이“풍년”이듯이,풍년 소리사는 바로 이 농부의 마음으로 풍년을 이루고자 합니다.


Audio recording, editing and processing

– All kind of audio recording support on site, Recording operation, Recording system (both HW & SW) setup – Music composing, remlxing, mlxing and mastering – Syntheslzer programming and sound design

Professional Audio Equipment

– Design for recording studio, PA and broadcasting syste – Supply and resell for above audio products – Sales and marketing for specific categories

Musical instruments

– Import, distribute and resource of musical instruments manufacturers – Professional technician of all synthesizers (PCM, Subtractive, FM and modular) portable keyboards and digital pianos – Sales and marketing strategy for whole sale, retail and online sales through

Media creation and supplying

– Translation product manual book and video – Advertisement design and product demo video – Product tutorial video


– Translation product manual book and video – Advertisement design and product demo video – Ableton Live, Analog synth operation, Audio mix & mastering, Computer sound design and programming


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Company: Poongnyon Audio. Co Address: 201, 573 Saegok-dong Gangnam-gu,Seoul 06772 Republic of Korea facebook: www.facebook.com/poongnyon/

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